Our Values


No Border School is a collective. Any decisions that affect the aim and vision of the project will be made by consensus.


No Border School is non-hierarchical. We actively work against hierarchy within our collective and in the classroom.


No Border School believes in language as a tool that empowers and unites.

  • Language empowers. We operate in a context where people’s voices are often left unheard. Language allows people to communicate their needs and desires effectively, increasing the chance of their voice being heard.
  • Language unites. We operate in a context where many cultures and languages come together and as a result cultural exchange is often difficult, if not impossible. By providing a common language we open lines of communication and cultural exchange that bring people together.


No Borders School believes in treating people with respect, dignity and humanity and non discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or citizenship status.


No Border School encourages collaboration and sharing, both among its members and amongst educational projects in Athens.


No Border School projects are, and always will be, free for students.


No Border School stands in solidarity with those who have suffered from the separating force of borders.


We see ourselves as playing a fundamental role in improving the lives of the people in this community. We also recognise the limitations of education and language, given the structural and material issues faced by many in the community we are here to support and as such encourage our members to be active in the wider grassroots organisations network in Athens. This also means that No Border School uses money and other resources as frugally as possible, recognising the urgent need for financial resources elsewhere.