May 2017 - ongoing

Athens Coordination Group Education


In May 2017 several educational projects in and around Athens started coming together as it became clear that collaboration could be very valuable for everybody involved. No Border School was one of the founding members of the coordination system that was created. We started gradually, with an informal collaboration that included the sharing of resources and best practice. This project is continuously developing with the aim of learning from each other’s best practices, sharing resources, collaboratively creating an online platform for teaching resources, teacher training, and a common curriculum.

January 2017 - ongoing


In order to share the knowledge and skills of No Border School teachers as well as encourage continuous development of teaching practice, No Border School has organised several workshops in Athens, bringing together people from different educational projects to share their experience, knowledge and skills.

These workshops are focused on teaching in our particular context, both to provide training to  inexperienced teachers and help experienced teachers develop understanding of this context.  Some examples include:

  • Cultural Mediation: January 2017, Khora, Swana

  • Theatre techniques in class: Orange House, January 2017, Natalia Sanchez,

  • Empowering Students: How to develop Critical Thinking, Khora, February 2017, Laura Cesaro,

  • Basic Teaching Techniques; Khora, March 2017, Genevieve Cartilier and Laura Cesaro

  • Using technology in class in a context with no resources; Khora, April 2017, Lindsey Clark,

  • Writing and Storytelling: Keys to Language Teaching; Khora, June 2017, By: Pat Martinez,

  • Using Image Theatre in Language learning; June 2017

  • Working on English pronunciation for Arabic/Farsi speakers; Khora, June 2017, Darcy Besharah,

  • Creativity in the crisis: K44, June 2017, Emily Wilson

  • Assessments; Khora, 1 September, Tiff

  • Literacy Teaching in our context, Khora,  2 September

August 2017 - ongoing



Moodle is an ambitious project that arose out of the Education Coordination, where a few of the groups, No Border School included, realised the need for a way to systematically share teaching resources. That is why we developed moodle - a collaborative online platform supporting language teachers by providing a curriculum, training materials, and a platform for collaboration and sharing of resources. This online platform is in operation and being continuously developed and improved.