November 2017 - ongoing


In early November 2017, Jafra and No Border School first came together to talk about the educational project at Jafra’s new Bab Al Shams community centre. This collaboration is based on a shared vision of education for community - a vision of a place where the community is at the centre in a way that allows people to both preserve a sense of their own identity and come together through cultural exchange. As such, one core aim of this project is to give more emphasis to the students’ role in the continued development and to re-emphasise the role of the teacher as a facilitator.

August 2017 - ongoing

Project Elea


Project Elea’s Education programme started very small and in a short time has developed to offer formal education to over two hundred residents of Eleonas refugee camp. We are now able to offer nine levels of English classes, three levels of German classes, pre-school educational activities and a beautiful library. So far our incredible teaching team has assessed over three hundred displaced people, is now formally educating approximately 200 residents of the camp. They have designed and implemented learning material, schemes of work and blended courses to provide our residents with high quality, dynamic and innovative education, appropriate to their specific needs. The team has designed and created an online learning platform, built two classrooms and is now supporting the residents of Eleonas with language education from the day they step foot in the camp. On top of this Project Elea will soon be opening a computer lab to offer the residents online language courses, international mentoring programmes, coding and design classes; all of which will make their integration into Europe that little bit easier.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/projectelea.volunteers



No Border School met the humanitarian co-operative Khora while making wraps in Pireaus Port. When the port was evicted, Khora set up a community center in central Athens, to enable people from a range of backgrounds and cultures to work, learn and socialise together. In the early days of the centre, No Border School organised the launch of language classes. Initially, two English lessons a day were scheduled. On the first day of teaching two teachers taught three students, but the word spread and Khora grew quickly. With time the Khora Education Floor has become independent and now succesfully runs 27 classes, teaching Greek, English, German and French for adults and older children, as well as computer classes to improve computer literacy. While No Border School is not as present as we used to be we are still supporting Khora with teachers and working with them to improve the quality of language teaching in Athens.

Website: www.khora-athens.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KhoraAthens

October 2016 - ongoing

City Plaza Hotel

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Having set cultural exchange, integration and empowerment as our main aims, we believe that it is important to step outside the classroom and for students to have opportunities for cultural enrichment. Whether it is visiting the sights of Athens, going to a museum, hiking, rock climbing, bowling or communal cooking, these activities allow our students to step away from their everyday struggles. During these trips, students and teachers have the chance to get to know each other better and develop their language skills in a natural setting. Moreover, they allow for the student-teacher roles to switch more naturally and for everyone to engage with each other eye to eye, especially when it comes to events such as the multicultural kitchen classes at Khora.