No Border School supports many grassroot projects and squats like Project Elea, Khora, and City Plaza by collecting material for them or financially assisting them. In order to provide this assistance we need your help. If you would like to support No Border School, please read below:


How Can You Help Us?


Click the DONATE button to give to us via PayPal. Donations go towards teaching equipment (such as whiteboards and whiteboard markers; classroom furniture; printing; starter packs for our students that include a folder with a pencil, eraser, phrasebook and a notebook) and No Border School trips (snacks, transport, tickets).

We happily accept material donations of any of the materials mentioned above and make sure they are put to good use. Please send or deliver them to:

NO BORDER SCHOOL c/o Khora, Asklipiou 80. GR-114 71. Athens (Greece)

We would also be very happy to accept printers, laptops, whiteboards and classroom furniture, both used and unused.